Where is My Stuff? Florida Landlord Tenant Issues

Florida Landlord Tenant Issues


In representing Landlords and Tenants in both commercial and residential settings, I have learned some basic, but valuable information I would like to share with you.

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#1  Don’t cut corners.  Just because you save a few bucks on the front end, chances are, you will pay more on the back end.

#2 Due Diligence.  If you’re a Landlord, know who your respective tenant(s) is.  What is their rental history? Have they been evicted before?  Are they kids? What does their previous Landlord have to say about them as being a tenant and what’s their payment history like?

#3  Have an Attorney do the Drafting. This one is extremely important. Make sure that if you’re leasing the premises, you have a valid lease, and that you are ONLY leasing the premises. If you’re leasing with the option to own/buy, know that if things get ugly (tenant stops paying or other non-monetary issue), you cannot simply file an Eviction.  Leases with options to buy have exclusive jurisdiction in Circuit Court as it involves title and boundaries to real property.

#4  Take pictures and get a list of your inventory.  This will help avoid below.

POLICE BRIEFS: Landlord, renters give differing accounts of missing furnishings

A 53-year-old Jacksonville man called police on Oct. 1 at 11:21 a.m., claiming the furnished apartment he’d been subletting to a couple had been cleaned out.

According to the man and his wife, the tenants — a 24-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman — moved into the Palm Place apartment in 2011 and had recently vacated in order to move from Neptune Beach to Washington, D.C.

The man and his wife were checking the apartment and found that most of the furniture, appliances and housewares had been taken. According to them, a dining room set, sofa, big screen TV, television stand, wall lights, silverware, dishes, wall art and linens valued at $25,000 to $30,000 were stolen.

The tenants were contacted; they claimed that they threw away a stained white sofa and dismantled a television stand to store it in the garage upon moving in. The couple also claimed that nothing else was present when they moved in and that they used their own belongings to furnish the apartment.

Investigators are currently looking for more leads. If charged and convicted, the two face felony-level grand theft charges.

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